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House Sitting

We feel that pets are often happier at home in their familiar sights, smells and sounds. Keeping to your pets regular routine is important to us which is why we offer flexible visits to suit your pets needs in Caerphilly and surrounding area.


A short visit to provide all the essentials your pet needs like; food, water and clean pet areas is sometimes all you need. We can also stay a bit longer for some extra cuddles and play time.

 House sitting also available without pets if required in Caerphilly and surrounding area.


Other Services

Pet Grooming

A good wash and a bath, brush-out, shedding fur and mats, nail clipping if required.


Experienced with small fluffies, amphibians and exotic animals.

Doggie Day Care

We can look after your dog for the day, this includes walks and feeding of your pet.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us to disucss more.

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